A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

RE:Charge is a shoot-to-move platformer with accessible fast-paced action, in a bright 90s cyberpunk setting. 

When alien slimes invade the city to steal its power, Rei must find a way to fight them off. By hacking part of an alien ship, Rei creates a gun that can both shoot and propel them off the ground with recoil.

Using this dual-purpose gun, fight off enemies and navigate through platforming challenges to save the city and return its power. Enter slow-mo in the air to pull off risky maneuvers and master the art of gun-based navigation.

RE:Charge includes 3 levels and a boss fight with an estimated 30+ minutes of playtime. We hope you enjoy!

Install instructions

Use the link to download and unzip the .zip folder for PC, Mac, or Linux. For windows, run RECharge.exe.

This game can be played with either a mouse and keyboard or a gamepad.




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Really nice platforming shooter! It is in my Top 5 for this week!

Check the video.